Hi and thanks for finding your way to our website. We are an active group of musicians in the “lower” Sunshine Coast area and encourage others from near and far to join us in making music.

You’ll find out more about our regular sessions which are Open Mics, if you go to our
ABOUT US page. And for regular updates on our events, we have our Facebook Group which is updated almost weekly and you can also go on our email list to be reminded of upcoming events or book a spot for our Open Mics.

Although our Open Mics are the major focus of our program there have been and will continue to be a range of other music activities we do, principally
recording music, providing PA services, coordinating concerts and presenting musicians for other events in a professional role.

A major focus of our activity as from early 2018, has been the
Eudlo Music Nights (EMN). This is a weekend of music held generally on the first weekend in April and October. More information can be found on the Eudlo Music Nights website and Facebook group.

Associated with EMN we have a Songwriting Group and a Performer Mentoring Program, both starting in 2019. More information can we found on the EMN sites or by
contacting us.