Musos Reports

This page was last updated in 2016. But is includes some great reads. Enjoy!
(Michael, December 2018)

We are very pleased to be able to offer you ‘Reports’ on all 100 plus Musos sessions from our humble beginning in May 2011, right through to our October 2014 sessions. Simply click Glasshouse Musos all Reports to open the pdf file!

Most readers won’t want to look through all 108 pages, so if you have a favourite musician, simply put their name in the
Search box and all their appearances will be highlighted in yellow! The Sidebar will show the pages in which they feature, so utilise that as well to make your browsing that little bit less arduous.
Depending on your computer set up you may or may not need to open the file as a pdf to access the
Search box (you’ll need to select Show Toolbar in the View Menu) and the Sidebar (with Thumbnails selected).
If you are a Mac user, once you have booted up
Glasshouse Musos all Reports simply right click on it and select “Open with Preview”.

We have also included a selection of the “Reports” by year in the column on the right, for those who just want an introduction to how we do it, without having to download files.

Regarding the 2015 and 2016 years, we continue to report on each session the Musos holds, and they are sent to our emailing list each week, but we are no longer archiving them here. That’s not to say that they won't one day appear here!