This page was last updated in 2016. Enjoy!
(Michael, December 2018)

We are pleased that people enjoy photographing and videoing acts at our events. Some of the results are available here. For the first few years we endeavoured to include all performers – although a few were missed, otherwise we included what we considered to be good shots, hence our regular artists tended to dominate appearances. For the last couple of years however (although lots of photos have been taken), we have not kept an archive on this web site. That is not to say that the photos may one day be put up!

To enjoy photos of artists from 2011 to 2014 please click the photo gallery in the column on the right by year. You can move through the photos by initially clicking on one of them then using the previous or next button.

The following photograpers are represented: Doug and Cheryl Pullen: DCP on the photograph caption Clive Bilby: CB on the photograph caption  Michael Whiticker: all other photographs

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