This page was last updated in 2014. But we think we're still nice…!
(Michael, December 2018)

We are pleased that so many people enjoy coming to the Musos sessions.
Here is some of the nice things they have to say:

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your email. It was an absolute pleasure spending a few hours with some great musicians yesterday. I really enjoyed listening to the group of musicians that you were playing with. We all have been living in the Glasshouse Mountains for the past 10 years and I had no idea that there's quite a few good musicians in the area.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity for clearing out some Cob Webs and getting some harmonies back together after so long in front of the microphones.
Sending Best Regards,
Adam Pinkowski.
27 May 2013

Hi Michael,
Thank you for letting me join in on Thursday night. It was a pleasure to play for such a great group of people and fellow musos. Thank you also for the great wrap in your club email. I certainly hope to be able to play again at the Sports Club sometime in the future.
Brian Doddridge
16 June 2013

Hi Michael,
Tina and I would like to thank you for providing the opportunity to perform our new skills in a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment. I commend you on providing the Muso’s Club as an opportunity for people like us to express ourselves.
We are already thinking about what to do next!
Thank you!
Gavin Davidson

Hey Michael,
Luv to play on the night. Have three original songs which are currently on itunes which I'd luv to perform. Please add Greg J Bryant to the list for the night if possible.
Thanks mate.
26 june 2012

I experienced Michael Whiticker's sound mixing for the first time at the Maleny Music Weekend this year. He mixed for The Unusual Suspects - a big outfit of nearly 20 players - mostly brass, and it was fantastic. I'm in the bass section on a tiny keyboard with an ipod loaded with an app called Thumb Jam, which turns me into a BASS player! He handles that, a real bass guitar player, Tuba, Baritone Sax, trumpets, sax's of all sizes, trombone, clarinet, and 5 outrageous percussionists. There's lot of soloing in The Unusual Suspects which requires more than adequate attention, and everybody felt great after they played.
10 or so minutes later, in the same venue,  I played in a trio on uke, with a saw player and the bass guitarist - to watch Michael go from the sublime to the ridiculous - or was it other way round? was inspiring - he's cool as a cucumber and makes everyone sound brilliant. He's no 1 for sound. I've never sounded better!
Jacinta Foale
26 June 2013

Michael Whiticker is a fine musician & a passionate, fastidious sound engineer. It is pure sweet joy to perform with Michael working the sound desk. It is rare to witness such attention to detail, & the ability to create such clarity & fullness of sound.... he brings out the best in a performer & his intimate knowledge of all things "audio" makes him a performer's "best friend".
Wish he could be on the desk every time!
Ann Leung
16 June 2013

To Whom It May Concern
The Glass House Musician’s Club provides a wonderful venue for members of the community to explore and develop their musical talents and potential in a friendly and co-operative environment. The club is totally inclusive and welcomes singers and performers from all genres with the policy that all forms of music are equally relevant.
The helpful, supportive and friendly atmosphere gives people who might otherwise not have the confidence, to step up and demonstrate their abilities. This leads to cultural enrichment at both the personal and community level. People who have developed confidence and expertise in organisations such as this are then quite often willing and capable of moving out into the wider community and providing entertainment for nursing homes, respite centres and other similar venues.
Yours Truly
Frank Moroney