A selection of Musos Reports from 2011

Musos Report May 2011
A great night was had by the 30 or so people who attended the inaugural Glasshouse Mountains Musos Club at the Sport Club last Thursday. Amongst the performers were Duo Classique (Craig and Joy), who included a magical performance of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, the rich harmonies of Champagne (Pam, Sue, Neil and Gerry), Leanne Zadkovitch, who shared five originals with us - which we’ll look forward to hearing again, Paul Fagan, who showed what a versatile singer / guitarist he is, a number of more than competent backing musicians who willingly got up to support us (thank you Neil for your harmonies and bass), and yours truly who presented some foot tappin’ “swamp rock”.
There is little opportunity in the region for musicians to publically perform, meet their peers and develop their skills in a friendly non competitive environment. So if you’d like to get up or just see what other musos are doing, you’re encouraged to come along to the next night on Thursday June 16, between 7 and about 10pm. And if people bring a couple of extra chord and lyric charts with them, they are sure to find a few willing backers.
We encourage all styles of music, but with an emphasis on folk, blues, world, jazz and all forms of improvisation, country, bluegrass and theatre music. Please join us in encouraging music making in our region. You can contact us on facebook:

Dr Michael Whiticker

Musos Report 14 July 2011
Hi everyone,
After our “amplified” show in June a few of you sat around with guitars and sang beautifully together. I enjoyed listening as I packed up the gear so might encourage that “extra performance” again this
Thursday by bringing along a few copies of the words and chords of some songs you might all know. If nothing else it encourages those of you who are reticent to get up on stage to join in, and that is what this wonderful thing music making is all about – sharing something we love with others.

The Glasshouse Country News published a photo and “review” of our last event as well as the first so we will continue to send them info and will promote anyone who comes along to play at our events.
And this is a reminder of the upcoming fourth night of the Glasshouse Mountains Musos Club next Thursday August 11 from 7pm at the GHM Sports Club. Attendances are growing each time we meet and more people are showing interest in playing so please get in touch if you want to reserve a spot: via the Facebook group would be best, but otherwise via my email is fine. We’d like as many people as possible to get a chance to play but we cant guarantee to be able to put together a backing band for you, so it is best if you come prepared. That said we have a wonderful bunch of talented musicians coming to each session so there is a good chance they’ll be happy to accompany you, or perhaps you can join them on stage if you know what they are playing. Just come along and introduce yourself to the players.

Musos Report 11 Aug 2011
The Musos Club reminded me in this last week that the gift of music is truly something special. But it is not just the ability to make music that enrichens one’s life, as being able to enjoy others making music is also a gift.
One of the Muso Club regulars – Clive, asked if his severely disabled 20 year old son Andrew could perform for a couple of minutes. I was pleased to be able to offer him the stage and a few minutes in the little bit of limelight that we can offer. And what a performance he provided – simple but rhythmically vital, subtly varied, and delivered with a total love of the instrument in his hand. I am sure I was not alone by feeling privileged to have had him share a few minutes of his music with us, and I do hope he graces us again with his presence. Later in the evening a newcomer – Mick Shipley, got up to sing a few songs. He was a little nervous, but he had brought along impeccably prepared music, so as accompanists we were able to give our best to his performance. He sung wonderfully and, as he had apparently only taken up singing at the age of 60, I wish him the best in his new found career and hope we see him again at the Musos Club.

There is another who provides inspiration for me on a regular basis, and who I am sure won’t mind being used as an example of the wonder and beauty of music. My colleague Paul has had a few setbacks in life, having lost a leg as a child and being deaf in one ear. Suffering severe depression during his working life, a couple of broken marriages, and addictions to nicotine and alcohol, hasn’t helped his lot in life, and his dependence on the Carers' pension to put food on the table is not a brilliant career move for a 60 year old, but a happier and more positive person I have rarely come across. It may be Sue, his lovely wife of 12 years who gives him most cause for happiness today, but it might also be having music in his life, as once Paul gets on stage he simply burns with the guitar in his hand. His performance this last week was uplifting and a lesson to us all that there are some things that money simply can’t buy.