Fred Kelly Picks

For the guitarists amongst us

The Musos Club is pleased to be able to offer Fred Kelly picks for sale. If you don’t know these impressive picks, they provide solutions to some of guitarist’s biggest picking hang ups. They are made by Fred Kelly, a guitarist and boutique pick maker from Michigan USA. Check out their web site:

I came across them as part of my own search for finger picks. After battling with many makes I finally found these. They gave me a reliable “fingernail” (mine kept breaking). They sat comfortably on my fingers for reasonably long periods. They had a long life (unlike the previous ones I tried which l kept breaking). At the time there was an Australian supplier but they now don’t carry picks anymore so I had to source them direct from the manufacturer. The short of it is that it was cheaper to buy in bulk so the Musos will now carry them and we’ll have them at sessions for people wanting to finger pick and be heard! We also have some of their other fascinating picks – speed picks, slick picks and the very exciting bumblebee –a half flat pick, half thumb pick which is fully adjustable and rotational. I can post them if you can’t get to one of our sessions.

This is what I am using:
Freedom Finger Picks:
Check out Fred Kelly’s Freedom Finger Picks. They sit comfortably on the fingers and unlike your nails – won’t break! The sound is bright – even with a bite to it, but it is loud and cuts through the mix! For recording you might love the warmth of the fleshy finger sound, but in live performance it is generally hard to get a good level on the finger picked guitar before the instrument starts to feedback. This is where these picks come into their own. And lap slide players will love them!

And these are interesting:
Slick (thumb) Picks:
Have you been experimenting with hybrid picking techniques, wanting you to have both the bite of your guitar pick and the luxury of finger picking? Fred Kelly's Slick Pick is neither big or bulky, like many on the market, and is the first pick that acts like a flat pick while sitting comfortably on the thumb. And it has a flat pick point that enhances smooth strumming. The Slick pick is available in delrin or polycarb materials. Delrin is an extremely strong material, and provides a soft and natural sound on the strings. Polycarb has an appealing transparent color. The sound created from the polycarb pick is slightly brighter than that from the delrin.

Freedom Finger Picks medium
Delrin $7
Freedom Finger Picks large
Delrin $7
Freedom Finger Picks medium
Polycarb $7
Freedom Finger Picks large
Polycarb $7
Slick (thumb) Picks delrin large medium $1.50Slick (thumb) Picks delrin large heavy $1.50

Speed (thumb) picks large heavy delrin $1.50Speed (thumb) picks large medium delrin $1.50

Bumblebee jazz picks large heavy delrin $5Bumblebee jazz picks large medium delrin $5Bumblebee teardrop picks large heavy delrin $5Bumblebee teardrop picks large medium delrin $5
Flat fat picks Delrin $1.50
Baby fat flat picks Polycarb $1.50

Standard flat picks Delrin light $0.50
Standard flat picks Delrin medium $1.50
Standard flat picks Delrin heavy $1.50

Freight: It will cost $3 to post them anywhere in Australia.

Contact me if you’d like to order some, and, assuming i have what you are after, I can help you out.

PS This is not a business venture on the part of the Musos. It is simply a service we can offer. It began with two of our number expressing interest in getting the picks I was using and grew just a little bit from there. And I need to confirm that should be your source for any further information on these picks. I am just a user.