GHM Musos 2014

KK (Kaiyana May) & JJ Munyard (DCP)



Lu Lu

Lu Lu Munyard (DCP)


Kalani (DCP)

Alan Shaw 1_2

Alan Shaw (DCP)

Klaeton & Daninca

Daninca & Klaeton (DCP)

Evan Mathieson

Evan Mathieson (DCP)

Carol Lynn 3_2

Michael, Carol-Lynn & Doug (DCP)

Is this Kenny Rogers

John Donnelly (DCP)

Jim James_2

Jim James (DCP)

Matt Glass & Leif Helland

Leif Helland & Matt Glass (DCP)

Leif Helland

Leif, Matt & Doug (DCP)

Matt Ralph & Doug

Matt, Ralph & Doug (DCP)

Lance Pratt 1_2

Lance Pratt (DCP)

Mark Raetzer_2

Mark Raetzer (DCP)

Mary & Friend

Michael & Mary (DCP)

Mary & Sue Jones

Mary Martin & Sue Jones (DCP)

Mike Hadrill

Miker Hadrill (DCP)


Eudlo Musos, 1pm on the opening day (DCP)

Led Angels 1

Led Angels (Unplugged) (DCP)

Jon Brown

Jon Brown (The Claptomaniacs) (DCP)

John & Alan

John & Alan (The Claptomaniacs) (DCP)

Alan 2

Alan (The Claptomaniacs) (DCP)

David Zuric 1

David Zuric (The Claptomaniacs) (DCP)

Ky-Lee B

Ky-Lee B (DCP)


Ombardah (Michasel Rhoddy) (DCP)

Bob Henderson 1

Bob Henderson (DCP)


Ruth Henderson (DCP)

Rob Goodwin & Sister Suzi_2

Doug, Rob and Sue Goodwin (DCP)

Scoobs & Alan_2

Scoobs Powell & Alan Shaw (DCP)

Sue Watson 1

Sue Watson (DCP)

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor (Michael Whiticker) (DCP)

Andy Metcalf & Mark (2)

Andy Metcalf and Mark (DCP)

Audience at Eudlo

Eudlo audience (DCP)

Barbara RR

Barbara RR (DCP)

Brian, Ralph

Brian & Ralph (DCP)

DJ, Doug, MW, Dave

DJ, Doug, Michael, Dave (DCP)

Daryl & Terry Jones (1)

Daryl & Terry Joners (DCP)

De GY and Dave Evans

DE GY & Dave Evans (DCP)

De greer Yindimincarlie

De Greer Yindimincarlie (DCP)


Eden (DCP)

Eyes Down

Bob & Barbara (DCP)

Glenn & Jon

Jon & Glenn (DCP)

Harmonium & Glenn Stephens

Glenn & harmonium (DCP)

Ian B McLeod (1)

Ian McLeod (DCP)

Ian B Mcleod  (1)

Ian doesnt smoke (DCP)

Joanne & Ian 2

Joanne & Ian (DCP)

John Higham (3)

john High (DCP)

Karen Murray anna & Rob

Murray, Karen, Rob, Anna (DCP)

Hazel Law

Hazel Law (DCP)

Murray Law

Murray Law (DCP)

Kerry Lawson & Those Guys

Kerry and boys (DCP)

Kerry Lawson

Kerry (DCP)

Kezia Hughes

Kezia Hughes (DCP)

La Veenie2

La Veenie (DCP)


Reilley (DCP)


Sara (DCP)

Paul, Gabriel, Dave

Paul, Gabriel, Dave (DCP)


Maree and the bottle (DCP)

Mike Duggan 3

Mike Duggan (DCP)

MW with his digital desk

MW with the new digital desk (DCP)

Pat & Rob Larkin

Pat & Rob Larkin & band (DCP)

Rob McGowan 1

Rob McGowan (DCP)

Captivated Audience

Roey is captivating (DCP)

Jim Fitzpatrick

Jim Fitzpatrick (DCP)

Roey Fitzpatrick 2

Roey Fitpatrick (DCP)

Serious Musos with MW on cajon

MW on cajon and backing band (DCP)

Stewart Kirkpatrick (4)

Stewart Kirkpatrick (DCP)

Terrence Boyd Thallon (1)

Terrence Boyd Thallon (DCP)s


Kar Kaos (DCP)

The Hat2

That chaotic hat (DCP)

yes, we have a pirate too!

Scoobs as pirate (DCP)

Shez Wright (3)

Shez Wright (DCP)

Warren Freeman

Warren Freeman (DCP)

shez, warren & Lawrie

Shez, Warren & Lawrie (DCP)

camillah maynard

Camillah Maynard (DCP)


Wyla (DCP)


Wyla Trio (DCP)

dancing at eudlo

Eudlo dancing (DCP)

dejembe doubled

Double up djembe (DCP)

jenny downey 1

Jenny Downey (DCP)

Alex McKean2

Alex McKean (DCP)

jenny downey 2

Jenny again (DCP)

final night at the sports

Final Sports night (DCP)

cheryl win the most

Cheryl wins the most! (DCP)

Tina, Rob, DJ, quintet

Tina, Rob, DJ quintet (DCP)

gabriel monson 1

Gabriel Monson (DCP)

audience at the sports

Sports audience (DCP)

klaeton rowdy band

Rowdy and band (DCP)


Klaeton (DCP)

klaeton's big band

Klaeton's big band (DCP)


Rowdy (DCP)

nate & Edenjpg

Nat & Eden (DCP)


Nate (DCP)